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Our Legacy of Love

Phillip’s Story – Our History

In November of 1991, Angela and Phil Fusco welcomed their son Phillip into the world.

Soon after his birth, Phillip was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, which kept Phillip in and out of hospitals for most of his young life. At the age of 20, he was sent to Shriners Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, where he spent 4 months in intensive care.

Shortly after this, Phillip asked his parents if there was any way he could help “hurting children.” Inspired, his parents came up with the idea of stuffing and donating teddy bears. It was a way to help Phillip develop his motor skills while also fulfilling his wish to provide a bit of comfort and love to other children in need.

Initially, Phillip and his family prepared bears for local kids in need. A local church initiated Phillip’s Love Bears ® first international delivery – donating bears for a missionary trip to Belize.

Phillip sadly passed away in November 2020, but his legacy of love has continued to reach across the globe. Each bear continues to receive Phillip’s personal signature.

Ukraine Lion
Ukraine Lion

We work with partners from around the world to provide hand-stuffed bears and friends to those in need of love and comfort.

Unite The World with Africa

The Brave Widows Project based out of Tanzania makes the special shells that line the weighted therapy bears and friends, and will soon be making backpacks/front packs to hold the therapy animals.


Supporting the Women of Uganda

The women of Africa make us beautiful African grass baskets, Jewelry, clothing, bowls, and utensils.

Kojedo Aikwangwon

These figures are from Aikwangwon (the garden of love and light), a home for intellectually disabled children and adults who have made inner shells for the weighted therapy bears and friends.

 “The goal is to continue and expand employment of marginalized artists across the globe.”

– Angela Fusco 

Our Mission

The mission of Phillip’s Love Bears ® is rooted in reflecting unconditional love, compassion, and comfort to a hurting world. As a faith-based/humanitarian non-profit organization, we extend our arms globally to special needs individuals, child trafficking survivors, orphanages, hospitals, missionaries, nursing homes, victims of natural disasters, and children affected by war. Phillip’s Love Bears ® stands ready to offer a comforting paw and a reminder that love knows no boundaries.