Phillip’s Love Bears®

Cuddles That Heal

Sending Love and Hope to the Four Corners of the Earth Through Weighted and Unweighted Therapeutic Teddy Bears and Friends.

Our Mission

The mission of Phillip’s Love Bears ® is rooted in reflecting unconditional love, compassion, and comfort to a hurting world. As a faith-based/humanitarian non-profit organization, we extend our arms globally to special needs individuals, child trafficking survivors, orphanages, hospitals, missionaries, nursing homes, victims of natural disasters, and children affected by war. Phillip’s Love Bears ® stands ready to offer a comforting paw as a reminder that love knows no boundaries.

Phillip Loves bears

Become a Part of a Global Movement by Spreading Love and Hope to Those in Need

Phillip’s Love Bears ® is a heartfelt initiative inspired by the love and compassion of our special needs son, Phillip. His enduring spirit and desire to bring comfort to hurting children sparked a mission that has touched lives around the globe. For more than ten years, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering tens of thousands of weighted and unweighted teddy bears to those in need.

It’s So Much Bigger than Teddy Bears

Phillip’s Love Bears ® is making a positive impact around the world. From providing therapy bears to rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and cancer units, to empowering marginalized widows in Africa through employment, supporting jail and prison ministries, assisting with educational scholarships, and contributing to international Christian and humanitarian outreach around the world.