Consider This

We created this page because we, at Phillip's Love Bears, want you to know that each of us (at some point in our life) made the conscious decision to submit to (and follow) Jesus.  This decision has (slowly, but surely) led to significant changes in our life. We are certainly not perfect, but Christ has extended to us (and all mankind) an invitation to follow Him and be clothed in HIS beauty, perfection and righteousness.  We, at Phillip's Love Bears, judge no one, but simply try to do our best to love people as Christ has loved us.

There are, however, three points we would like to make:

  1. We share Phillip's Love Bears with the world because we believe, as Christians, that it is our joy and privilege to reflect the love of Christ to all  people; and
  2. “Though we love all people, we stand firmly on the inerrant word of God" ( See the “What We Believe” tab on this website); and
  3. “It is not our intent  to try to proselytize or force our beliefs upon anyone. It is our opinion (at Phillip’s Love Bears) that everyone in this world is responsible for making their own life decisions and certainly have the freedom to believe or disbelieve what he or she wishes. We simply want to share with the world what Christ has personally done in our lives."


Thus, in the spirit of love, we have included a video entitled “The Cross”, by Billy Graham, about what Christ has done for ALL of us and what we must do in return.

In the meantime, we'll keep stuffing the bears.

The Cross:

Reflect Christ

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