About Phillip

Phillip Alan Fusco II was born in November of 1991. Soon after his birth, Phillip was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder known as Prader-Willi Syndrome, a partial deletion of the 15th chromosome. Phillip spent the first months of his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Duke Medical Center. Several months after his birth, Phillip coded, requiring medical intervention to keep him alive. Phillip has since undergone several serious surgeries, including reconstruction of his spinal column, and has spent much time in hospitals related to his genetic condition. Though we did not know what the future held for "little Phillip", God did. 

Soon after his release from Shriners, Phillip let us know that he wanted to start doing something to”help children who hurt”. In response to Phillip's request, we started "Phillip’s Love Bears”. Though Phillip has many physical and mental challenges, he painstakingly assists in stuffing many of the Bears, finishing each bear with a quality control hug to assure lovability. The real beauty of these bears is in the struggle it takes Phillip to help create them. 

Since the inception of this ministry, as many as 10,000 bears have been sent to churches, missionaries, hospitals and orphanages at home and abroad (approximately 40 countries)  sending a message that even those with serious physical and mental challenges can play a significant role in touching the lives of those in a hurting world. 

As this ministry has grown, God has now begun using individuals within the special needs community (and outside the special needs community) to assist in stuffing and preparing  these Teddy Bears for mission.  We, at Phillip’s Love Bears are excited to see how God will use these simple (but adorable) Teddy Bears to further His kingdom.

Reflect Christ

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